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Discovering Puerto Morelos is a unique life-changing experience. 

Many of us who live here come from different places, with different dreams, and even by “chance”. What is it about this town that draws people in?!

Puerto is the entrance door of the Riviera Maya, just 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport.

“Las Micheladas del semáforo”, a roadside bar to cool off the Caribbean heat, welcomes you into a new perspective of what we know as the Rivera Maya. The bar offers a wide variety of beers from around the world and delicious snack-type food.

To access the beach you must cross 2 km (1¼ miles) on a small road surrounded by mangroves and hopefully see a crocodile swimming through its waters.

One of the first facts that you should know about this wonderful town is that it is home to the 2nd longest coral reef in the world (the first is in Australia). The reef gives the city the privilege of being a destination location, not only for underwater activities but also for studies and conservation work, which attracts groups of people from across the globe. 

In addition, the Caribbean Sea has incredibly beautiful, crystal clear, calm waters full of underwater life. Whether you’re interested in activities at sea or exploring the port via bike riding, don’t think twice about contacting Tomás! He is a friendly local working at one of the best tourist agencies in the port. His agency offers activities like visiting the cenotes or learning how Pescadores beer is made, the first craft beer in Puerto Morelos. If it’s on the port,  Lighthouse Tours takes you!

In addition to all the activities you can find in the port, there are also plenty of restaurant options. We know you are going to stay more than a few days because you’ll fall in love with the charm of the town!

Each restaurant offers a unique experience of its own, each flavor is original, even if it is as simple as pizza. My Little Italy in Rojo Gomez has a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere or if you want to eat the most flavorful empanadas with an Argentinian touch in the Riviera Maya, you should go to Pizza Nostra. And since we are talking about pizzas you can’t ignore the most Italian option in the port, Osteria Barocca, a delight that transports you to the canals of Venice or ancient Rome.

Most restaurants have the advantage of live music, with top-level musicians, who make any night a special one.

However, if you want to add innovative flavors to live music, you have to sit down at Tanino’s. They’re known for combining the best traditional Mexican flavors with all the creativity of their chef!

Every day in the port is a poem of harmony, peace, and tranquility. The beach is always pleasant and has wellness activities throughout the day. Whether you join a sunrise yoga class, a paddle board class, or just go out walking on the beach, you will feel that something is settling inside you. And in addition to this food for the soul, you have the choice of where to have the first and most important meal of the day, breakfast. Cafes and bars around the town invite you to enjoy the start of the day with local hosts who know what you like the most and what you come looking for, such as Café Amancia.There are also those who fell in love with the port and stayed to share their culinary traditions like Belleville. Or those who honor their ancestors, presenting you with their grandmother’s cuisine on each plate, as it is at Lola y Moya.

When you spend several days here you will also enjoy a bit of the unique Puerto Morelos nightlife as it has the reputation of being very fun as well as calm. You can organize your week to align with the fun and bring out your rhythm with salsa classes and live music on Fridays at La Sirena!

Or you can rock the night away at Lauro´s with live bands every day that will ruin your hairstyle from rocking so much. This is the place if you are looking for excellent musicians and a great atmosphere!

Oh, and if the night lends itself to a typical Mexican elixir, you cannot miss Don Mexkal. A place with excellent mezcal options, live music, and a very local atmosphere. Here you will find every waiter who served you during the day because it is It’s almost a tradition that after a hard day’s work, they come to share a drink with their colleagues at “la mezca.”

As expected, one day is not enough for all the activities in Puerto, but it is also important to have relaxation and beach time. You will undoubtedly find your favorite spot to relax on the beach. Almost at the end, you have two beach clubs that you are going to love. The Diving lodge with lounge chairs, drinks, and live music or the traditional Unico Beach which, as its name indicates, was the only beach club for many years. It was born as a palapa that served drinks in a comfortable space and hosted shows. International bands have played there and events such as the cinema on the beach, which we hope will return soon, were hosted here. It also offers a pool for those who are not so fond of the sea.

A little closer to the center you can find My Paradise, a beach club with amazing energy and a festive atmosphere every day. Or, if you’d rather slow down while soaking in paradise, take advantage of the 2×1 bar at Don Ernesto’s!

Options to enjoy the sun, the sea, and some tasty drinks with a snack, are what make Puerto special.

After spending this calm and carefree day, you will want to reserve a spot on the next trip to Koox Ich Kool, a unique gastronomic experience, from the farm directly to your table. With a master cooking class by Chef Karla Romo, you will get to know the secrets of the cochinita pibil, and taste the freshest vegetables sourced directly from their organic garden. During this tour, you will spend 7 hours in a super pleasant environment in the middle of the jungle of Puerto Morelos on the route of the cenotes, a truly unique place in the Mayan Riviera.

These are complete vacations in our beloved Puerto, but you know that you cannot leave without capturing these memories of your days in paradise, so before starting this adventure contact Moments by Amaya Juan, who grasps the most exciting moments of your trip.

Discovering Puerto Morelos is something special. Something that you’ll wish you’d done sooner. Even after you’re here a handful of times, you’ll keep discovering new things to do here in paradise!