Relaxing on the beach will always be the perfect excuse to eat fresh Caribbean and Pacific seafood such as ceviches, tostadas, and tacos.

Puerto Morelos is home to two renown restaurants that serve all of these staples!

One restaurant bar that we recommend is Blue Morelos. They opened their doors a little over 5 years ago and have become a must for locals and tourists. They offer hot and cold tostadas, shrimp tacos that are a delight, and the best mojitos you will find in Portside to complete the picture.

The service is attentive and kind, you will soon consider them friends, because that is what they are.

And of course, for days of melting heat, they have air conditioning so that your experience is totally pleasant.


On the neighborhood side, you find a little piece of the Pacific Ocean. In La Chulada you get all the fresh and delicious dishes typical of Pacific cuisine. Oysters, Clams, and their delicious Pacific molcajete are all delicacies we encourage you to try!

Pair any of these dishes with a delicious michelada, and the sound of the talented musicians who perform every weekend, Ann Araujo and Miguel Mateos. Or enjoy the Friday Karaoke in a festive and joyful atmosphere.

Puerto Morelos, and the delights of Caribbean and Pacific seafood await you!