Tanino’s is a restaurant that stands out among the gastronomic offerings of Puerto Morelos because it doesn’t have the typical description of “Italian food” “Steak” “Seafood” or any others. They have a different purpose.

Tanino’s is signature cuisine, or as they prefer to call it, free cuisine. When their chef revealed this to us, we are very intrigued to know why. Although putting it into words is not that easy, we can find several points in his definition that translate directly into the flavors that reach our palates.

 Free cooking is playing with your imagination in the creation of each dish, not being limited by what is established, fusing the traditional Mexican cuisine with exotic flavors from other regions, trying, tasting, and finding those perfect elements that one would never imagine.

Freedom in the kitchen is not being afraid to innovate, to generate movement and change. It is starting from the roots and adding vision to generate new flavors.

This is how you can find at Tanino’s, dishes such as ravioli stuffed with the typical cochinita pibil, pasta carbonara a la diabla, and much more.

For example, combining chaya with sauces, adding hot chili peppers with sweet honey, and blending flavors like hummus with chintextle. Or ginger dressings with Merlot, and we guarantee that even the most daring sounding fusions are extraordinary.

So far, we’ve listed several reasons for you to visit this wonderful place, but the description would fall short if we didn’t tell you about their charming garden, surrounded by trees alongside romantic and elegant decorations. Additionally, they have different music groups of the highest level performing every night, which elevates the dining experience. Sitting there to enjoy live music, and the night breeze is a real luxury.

Tanino’s is a place that lives up to its name and offers a wide variety of excellent national and imported wines. Choose the one you like the most, sit back, enjoy the night, and let yourself be delighted by the flavors and unique style of Tanino’s.