We were so excited to start the celebration promptly on November 1st, but apparently, Tlaloc also wanted to participate and arrived with all his energy and manifestation. Yes, the God of lightning and rain was present at the precise time of the Day of the Dead event.

All that rain prevented the scheduled performances in the neighborhood park from taking place, and also prevented many people from leaving their homes.

The virtual alternative helped us appreciate the altars that were set up in homes and businesses. We are very grateful to everyone who shared their photo.

In any case, we are convinced that Puerto Morelos will be a reference for this day and will become the Dead Morelos that we seek to celebrate. The desire to continue doing this event next year and those that follow, is intact.

Thank you all for participating, the organizers, the sponsors, the artists, and the entire community.

Below is the map and some photos so you can see the creativity of everyone in these joint events.

Here are some of our members who participated:

As everyone knows, the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is a very important celebration throughout Mexico, but like many traditions, it has begun to fade over time. The spirit of the 4th Altar Walk (Caminata de Altares) is precisely to rescue this tradition and seeks to involve the entire town in keeping it current.

The walk of altars began 4 years ago with the organization and decision of a particular Puerto Morelos representative, Claudia Mendiola. She is an artist, traveler, publicist, lover of Mexican culture and community. One day she decided to replicate the movement that she first organized in Mexico City, her native home. This consisted of each house in the neighborhood setting up its altar and putting its offerings so that the other neighbors of the block visit it, hence the name that characterizes it as ” a block, a tradition”.

The founding seed of this movement was Goleta street in Villas 1. Here, a tour was organized to visit all the altars on the block, each one put their offering; they told stories of the people in the pictures, their favorite foods, and activities, so the neighbors got to know each other a little better.

A year after, the pandemic hit so this beautiful celebration was carried out virtually, the neighbors once again remembered their loved ones with their altars and uploaded photos and videos to share with the community.

By 2021, it was possible to return to face-to-face, but with some care, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc – we all know this new normal we went through during this time.

This year, 2022, the idea is to come back stronger and rescue this tradition, further promoting the participation of people (and businesses) in Puerto Morelos, with about 40 altars in the neighborhood and the port, cultural activities, live music, temazcal, hidden rocks and games for the little ones. This year the popular phrase “Muerto Morelos” begins to take the form of tradition. The 4th Altar Walk seeks to make this place a point of reference in celebration of Día de Muertos so that more people participate, from all over the republic and the world. 

This year an organizing committee was formed in which the great Italo-Morelense artist Sergio Lipari participated. He designed the skeleton, lighthouse, poster, and map of the event. Additionally, Experience Puerto Morelos is collaborating with the advertising, promotion, and registration, in addition to putting our own altar in the office of Niños Héroes.

We hope that “Muerto Morelos” is a celebration in which the entire town participates and that year after year it continues to grow until it becomes a reference in the Riviera Maya.

XPM is honoring our dear friends Gustavo and Dave, and Juan Amaya Sr. 

David Sanderson (June 17, 1973 – July 21, 2022) was the owner of Ocean Barriers, a very visible company in PM that cleaned the sargazo from our beaches. Dave was a force of nature and we still can’t believe that he’s gone – but never forgotten!