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When you’re on vacation, many of us really look forward to dining out at local restaurants and trying new local dishes and flavors.

But sometimes, you also want to pick up a few staples and/or cook your favorite comfort food from home so you need to know where to shop. We’re going to give you a run down of some of the main grocery stores in Puerto Morelos, but stay tuned to this post as we’re planning to add more information and some of the smaller stores as time goes on.

A couple of things to keep in mind when grocery shopping in Mexico:

    •  Bring your own reusable shopping bags, as stores don’t provide paper or plastic bags for free like they do at home. If you’re here and don’t have any bags, don’t worry – you can purchase them at the checkout.
    • The folks that bag your groceries are not employees of the grocery store. They are typically retired folks who volunteer there in hopes of earning extra income by receiving tips from patrons. I personally tip more if I have a full cart than when I’m just running in for a couple items – anywhere from 10-30 pesos.
    • Beware of where you park at the Chedraui by the highway. If a sudden rainstorm hits while you’re inside, you’ll come out to find the parking lot filled with a large lake of water in the middle, so park around the edges of the lot (which is higher ground!) if it looks like it may rain.
    • Can’t get to the store? There are a number of delivery services in town that can grab the items you need. See our blog post about delivery services in Puerto Morelos for the details.
View of the entrance of the Chedraui in the colonia of Puerto Morelos.
Image of the produce section of Super Chedraui in the colonia.
View of the partking lot at the Cedraui Selecto on the portside of Puerto Morelos.
Image of the bakery area at Chedraui Selecto on the portside of Puerto Morelos.

Two of the main grocery stores in Puerto Morelos both belong to the Chedraui brand.

  • Super Chedraui – colonia side of Puerto Morelos; has availability of many items from the US
  • Chedraui Selecto – portside of Puerto Morelos; has more items geared towards toursits.

Dos de las principales tiendas de comestibles en Puerto Morelos pertenecen a la marca Chedraui.

 Super Chedraui – en el lado de la colonia de Puerto Morelos; cuenta con disponibilidad de muchos productos de Estados Unidos.

    • Ubicado en: Multi Plaza Puerto Morelos
    • Dirección: Carretera Federal Cancún Playa del Carmen Km. 307 Mza 01, Lote 1-02 S/N, 77580 Puerto Morelos
    • Horario: 7 a. m. – 11 p. m.
    • Teléfono: 998 193 1395


Chedraui Selecto – en el lado del puerto de Puerto Morelos; cuenta con más productos orientados hacia los turistas.

    • Dirección: Rafael E. Melgar 44, CP, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R.
    • Horario: 7 a. m. – 11 p. m.
    • Teléfono: 55 5563 2222
Exterior of Super Aki Puerto Morelos.

On the colonia, there is another grocery store called Super Aki. They have less imported items, but their prices also tend to be lower than the other larger grocery stores.

        En la colonia, hay otro supermercado llamado Super Aki. Tienen menos productos importados, pero sus precios tienden a ser más bajos que en otras tiendas de comestibles más grandes.


        • Ubicado en: Plaza AKI Morelos
        • Dirección: Carretera Federal Chetumal Puerto Juárez, por Supermanzana 10 y Manzana 1, Benito Juárez, 77580 Cancún, Q.R.
        • Horario: 7 a. m. – 11 p. m.
        • Teléfono: 998 208 9187
        Fresh and frozen products at Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto.
        Prime meat and seafood cuts at Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto.

        Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto

        • Discover the finest selection of meats and seafood at Carnes y Mariscos, your ultimate meat and seafood market in Portside. From succulent salmon and premium pork to mouthwatering steak, mussels, beef, shrimp, and a variety of fresh fish, we offer wholesale and retail options to cater to all your culinary needs. Elevate your dining experience with top-quality cuts and indulge in the freshest catch of the sea. Embrace exceptional flavors and premium choices at Carnes y Mariscos.Stop by to see them and get your favorite protein for dinner tonight!
        • Address: Niños Heroes Manzana 6 Lote 6, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R.
        • Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4pm; Saturday 9am-3pm
        • Phone998 871 0218

        Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto

        •  Descubre la mejor selección de carnes y mariscos en Carnes y Mariscos, tu mercado de carne y mariscos por excelencia en el puerto. Desde salmón suculento y cerdo premium hasta filete irresistible, mejillones, carne de res, camarones y una variedad de pescados frescos, ofrecemos opciones al por mayor y al por menor para satisfacer todas tus necesidades culinarias. Eleva tu experiencia gastronómica con cortes de primera calidad y disfruta de la pesca más fresca del mar. Atrévete a sabores excepcionales y elecciones premium en Carnes y Mariscos. ¡Visítalos y consigue tu proteína favorita para la cena de esta noche!
        • Dirección: Niños Héroes Manzana 6 Lote 6, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R.
        • Horario: lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 4 p.m.; sábado de 9 a.m. a 3 p.m.
        • Teléfono: 998 871 0218

        There are many, many local fruterias (fruit stands), tortillerias (tortilla shops), Donosusas and Oxxos where you can pick up other local items too. As you explore Puerto Morelos, you’re sure to find your favorite corner shop.

        Run Away Realty also has a series of nice local community resource guides on their website here. Look for their Local Guide to Puerto Morelos for recommendations of shopping, entertainment, medical providers, and much more.

        Delivery in Puerto Morelos

        Some “times you need errands run for you – something delivered from a local store, groceries, you need a bill paid at Oxxo, or you’re sick and need something from the pharmacy. The companies below are a great option for those types of circumstances as well.” Click here to continue reading…

         A “veces necesitas que te hagan mandados por ti: algo entregado de una tienda local, compras de supermercado, necesitas pagar una factura en Oxxo o estás enfermo y necesitas algo de la farmacia. Las empresas a arriba también son una excelente opción para ese tipo de circunstancias.” Haz clic aquí para seguir leyendo.