Transportation Options in Puerto Morelos

Last updated 3/19/2024

Discovering Puerto Morelos is made seamless with its versatile transportation options. From taxis to colectivos, bike rentals to car rentals, each mode offers a unique way to explore this coastal gem. Whether you’re aiming for convenience, budget-friendliness, or eco-friendliness, Puerto Morelos has you covered.

Logo of a cartoon taxi giving thumbs up, with text saying "WhatsAppTaxi Puerto Morelos" and phone numbers.
People can now use both WhatsApp and the Eiby Taxi app to request a taxi. Of note, as of the writing of this post, the app was only accessible to people who have Mexican phone numbers.
Pink Cab is a new taxi service in Puerto Morelos with female drivers for female patrons. Message via WhatsApp at +52-998-341-1982 for service.

Taxis: Navigating Puerto Morelos is a breeze with its reliable taxi services.  Taxis offer swift and hassle-free rides, whether you’re heading to a local attraction or enjoying the town’s vibrant atmosphere. The taxi dispatch number is 998-153-1306. You can use WhatsApp with this number too if you add the standard +52 1 before the number. If you order via WhatsApp or the app directly to your door (as opposed to walking to the closest taxi stand) they do charge an extra 10 pesos. Find additional information and rates for some of the most common routes here in this post by In Puerto Morelos.

If you have a Mexican phone number, there is also a new app to request a taxi as of the summer of 2023, called Eiby Taxi. Download the app, input your phone number and then it will use your phone’s location to determine where you are and the cost of the ride to your destination. **OJO/Watch for pricing**, as it should cost the same as the regular taxi rate, but there have been instances where the rate on Eiby is higher. Conversation on the taxi Facebook page indicates that they will honor the normally published price if you talk to the driver about discrepancies. When in doubt, be sure to ask you taxi driver for confirmation on cost BEFORE you take the trip.

As of January 2024, there is also a new company called Pink Cab, which offers 24/7 service by female drivers for female passangers, for safe, simple rides. They accept cash, bank transfers, and payment by card according to their flyer. Rides can be scheduled ahead of time (recommend at least a couple of days ahead because they are based out of Cancun) by contacting them via WhatsApp at +52-998-341-1982.

colectivo 1 route puerto morelos
colectivo 2 route puerto morelos
Colectivo from Puerto Morelos to Leona Vicario Schedule.
Image of three different types of colectivo buses found in Puerto Morelos.

Colectivos and Buses: For an affordable and popular transportation option, consider colectivos and buses. Serving both locals and tourists, these vehicles follow specific routes and schedules, making them a convenient way to get around. This can be a very economical way (10 pesos) to familiarize yourself with Puerto Morelos, because you can hop on a colectivo and get an informal tour around town. Embrace the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling comfortably.

There are also colectivos that connect Puerto Morelos with other nearby towns, such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The colectivo stop to get to Playa is in front of the Super Chedraui on the southbound frontage road along the 307 Federal Highway. To go to Cancun, you’ll need to go to the northbound frontage road on the other side of the highway bridge. Either one will cost you 30 pesos.

There is also a colectivo that runs between Puerto Morelos and Leona Vicario (see photo above), which leaves from the southeast corner of the park on the colonia side and travels down the Ruta de Cenotes which costs 35-40 pesos. The left side of the schedule here is from PM to LV and the right side of the schedule is for LV to PM depending on which direction you’re traveling.

Flyer for the Puerto Morelos collectivo shuttle from Puerto Morelos to the Cancun airport. Monday through Saturday at 7am, 9am, and 11am. Minimum of 2 people.
PM taxi airport shuttle with driver assisiting a passenger with her luggage.

Taxi Airport Shuttle: If you’re looking for a ride back to the Cancun International Airport from Puerto Morelos, the taxi airport shuttle service through the “Sindicato de Taxistas de Puerto Morelos “Cesar Martin Rosado” provides safe and efficient transportation. It runs Monday through Saturday at 7am, 9am, and 11am and charges 200 pesos/person. The one caveat is that there is a 2 person minimum, so if you are traveling alone and no one else comes at the time you need, you can still choose to use the service if you pay for both seats (400 pesos total). You can contact them via WhatsApp at +52 998 153 1306 and the taxi leaves from taxi Sitio 2 here near the roundabout under the 307 Federal Highway bridge.

Logo of Puerto Morelos Green Bikes
Hummingbird Bikes is a bike rental company on the portside of Puerto Morelos,
Image of 2 blue bicycles with signs indicating that you can rent them from Lighthouse Tours in Puerto Morelos.
Logo of PM Solutions rent and services
Image of the Puerto Morelos Tours booth with bike rental.
Image of E-Funny bike rentals.
Flyer for Vega's Bikes in the colonia of Puerto Morelos.

Bike Rentals: Embrace eco-friendly exploration by renting a bike in Puerto Morelos. Discover the town at your own pace while enjoying the fresh coastal breeze without having to worry about parking. E-Funny Puerto Morelos, Hummingbird Rentals, Lighthouse Tours, Puerto Morelos Green Bikes, PM Solutions, Puerto Morelos Tours,  and Vega’s Bikes are all great options!

E-Funny rents scooters, bikes, and ATVs.

Scooter Rentals: E-Funny Puerto Morelos and Hummingbird Rentals are both a great options if you’re looking to rent bicycles, ATVs, or scooters.

Your Life in Mexico rents vehicles, like this VW Jetta.
Your Life In Mexico minivan

Car Rentals: Elevate your mobility and convenience with car rentals. Having your own vehicle grants you the flexibility to explore not only Puerto Morelos but also nearby attractions. Ensure your car is well-maintained, equipped with essential supplies, and ready to handle various road conditions. This mode of transportation is especially beneficial if you’re seeking independence and ease during your travels. It is important to ensure that you do your research, read reviews, and make sure to verify that the prices you are quoted include the mandatory Mexican insurance. Often times, insurance available through credit cards is not accepted.

Avis Rental Cars – portside near Grand Residences Riviera Cancun

Europcar – portside near the church

Getaway Car Rental – located at the Pemex gas station on the frontage road along the southbound Federal Hwy 307

Puerto Morelos Tours

Ron Haugen – Message via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp +52-984-233-8610

Your Life in Mexico – on the side street near Chedraui in the colonia


Mayan Train: While the Mayan Train has a station on the Ruta de los Cenotes just outside of Puerto Morelos, it is now possible to ride between Puerto Morelos and Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but the station is not fully up and running yet. Click here for another blog post with updates on the project as of March 2024. 

In a town where transportation options cater to various preferences, Puerto Morelos ensures that you can navigate its beauty effortlessly. Whether you’re soaking in the local culture on a colectivo, savoring the coastal breeze on a bike, or enjoying the convenience of taxis and car rentals, your journey in Puerto Morelos promises to be an unforgettable adventure.