If you are looking for the most delicious restaurants in Puerto Morelos to welcome 2022 with family and friends I’ve got a great list for you below!


Fine Dining l $$$

This intimate garden offers one of a kind dining experience specially designed for New Year’s. Chef Damiann Saavedra composed a gourmet, five-course meal featuring fresh seafood from sustainable farming and fresh vegetables gathered from organic framers.

Additionally, they’ve invited The Nobodies to perform live music starting at 9 PM

This event has a total cost of $1,200 MXN per person and reservations can be made via WhatsApp: +52(998)109-7947

*Edit: this event is sold out!

Punta Corcho

Fine Dining l $$$

Chef Daniel Ovadía is bringing back Punta Corcho’s traditional New Year’s menu which consists of entrées, dessert, and a celebratory glass of champagne. Some of the dishes include: lobster tail with gnocchi smothered in a mushroom and white truffle cream, crab bisque served with homemade bread topped with onion and garlic crisps, and braised short ribs accompanied with coffee buttered asparagus, and pickled vegetables.

You can make your reservation on their website

Mem Al Mare

Restaurant Bar I $$

If you are looking for a fantastic Italian dinner you must check out Mem Al Mare. This year, for only $950 MXN or $50 USD, you can try the famous tabla Mar y Tierra which consists of a long wooden plank topped with grilled octopus, chipotle seasoned shrimps, grilled zucchini baked Mahi Mahi with walnut sauce, breaded mushrooms, and so many more toppings. Or you could choose the tabla Vegetariana which consists of edamames, battered broccoli, grilled nopales, fried potatoes, baked portobello mushrooms with spinach, and other seasoned veggies. The dinner also includes gelato, sparkling wine, and a side of organic salad.

You can make your reservations by calling ,+52(998)106-8853

Layla Vegan Pizza

Brunch & Pizza l $$

If you are tired of traditional holiday food then Layla Vegan Pizza is the place for you. From Thai soup to Vegan Gourmet rolls this place offers an exquisite menu for vegans and non-vegans looking for an exciting New Year celebration. This rooftop party starts at 7:00 PM and costs $700MXN per person. Additionally, they offer special drinks and desserts such as affogatos, champagne toast, Frekilicious, and more! They will also have live music featuring Jaden Cornelious and Jime Soprano.

If you want to make a reservation call ,+52 55 8723 2845


Restaurant Bar l $$

Live music, recently harvested apple-raspberry salad, overflowing molcajete packed with fresh seafood or specially selected steaks, baklavas, and alcohol. Now that sounds like the perfect way to welcome 2022!

For only $1,100MXN per person Lauro’s, the recently re-opened restaurant bar, invites you to celebrate New Year’s with them in the most thrilling way.

To make your reservation simply send them a DM or contact them via

WhatsApp: ,+52(998)347-9496

Osteria Barocca

Italian l $$$

Celebrate New Year’s with the best view in Puerto Morelos. Osteria Barocca is located in Portside and claims to have the best Italian food in the Riviera Maya. If you want to be the judge of such statement I recommend you try their New Year’s menu which offers an array of mixed greens, dry tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, apple slices, and house-made vinaigrette for starters. Your preference of herb-marinated filet mignon and lobster tail roasted with mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and zucchinis, or a grilled salmon accompanied with couscous, pea puree topped with lemon & butter sauce. A rich Caprese cake with chocolate almonds or smooth mango and coconut mousse. And of course, it can’t be New Year’s without the traditional 12 grapes.

Osteria offers two different prices, $1,250 MXN per person inside the restaurant, or if you are one for the fresh air $1,900 MXN per person on the rooftop

Click here to make your reservation

Don Mexkal

Restaurant Bar l $$

Ready to party? If you are looking to have the wildest, most fun night of your life then Don Mexkal is the place for you. This year they are hosting a NEON party to welcome 2022. Not only will you get to celebrate with DJ Kimya but also enjoy a three-course dinner and open bar. Plus they will have great gifts and more surprises!

The price is $1,200 MXN per person so make your reservation by calling ,+52(222)442-8876

La Sirena

Restaurant Bar l $$

Two parties in one place?! La Sirena invites you to say goodbye in style to 2021

For $250 MXN per person, you get the opportunity to dance all night long and celebrate with a toast at midnight. Or for $2,200 MXN experience live music performances throughout the night, an all-night buffet, open bar, and a toast at midnight.

They have limited capacity so make sure to buy your tickets now through Facebook messenger