What a great afternoon of learning, tequila, and good vibes! The XPM Team graduated from Tequila University on the La Sirena Puerto Morelos rooftop last week and we highly recommend this amazing experience! 

Do you like tequila?

  • Attend Tequila University and learn all about this drink that surely has provided you with lots of wonderful moments!
  • Learn about the origins of tequila, its secrets, what you should know to make sure the tequila you are buying and drinking is of the highest quality.
  • And, of course, once you have taken the course, you’ll be able to show off your knowledge about this elixir made from blue agave.

 So maybe you don’t “love” tequila or maybe you’ve had a rough experience with agave spirits. Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there, right? One of things you’ll learn is that not all tequila is made equal and what you may have called tequila might actually have been a “mixto”: distilled agave mixed with sugar cane. We promise that this experience will help you to discover the flavors behind a good, artisan tequila and will help you savor this noble beverage.

Oceanview Tequila Tasting

We had gorgeous weather and our group of ten was blown away by the breathtaking ocean view from the rooftop, and, of course, by the tequila and the amazing tapas pairings.

Our tequila expert, Miguel, was an absolute blast! He had us laughing and joking as we explored the different types of tequila. From blanco to extra añejo and even an agave liquor, we got to taste them all and learned about the unique aging processes and regions that give each type of tequila its distinct flavor.

When: Every Monday 4pm

Where: La Sirena Puerto Morelos Rooftop

How Much: $2200 MXN pesos or $110 USD

Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment is required. Contact La Sirena to reserve your spot today! Email lasirenapm@gmail.com or register on their website.

But it wasn’t just about the tequila. The small plates were the perfect pairing for each type of tequila, and enriched the whole experience. The tapas were bursting with flavor and complemented the tequila perfectly. It was just the right amount of food as we sipped on each of the paired tequilas.

Overall, it was an incredible afternoon filled with great tequila, delicious food, and even better company. If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to enjoy tequila on a Monday afternoon, we highly recommend giving Tequila University a try!

Tequila University with pricing

Tequila University

¡Qué gran tarde de aprendizaje, tequila y buena onda!

El equipo de Puerto Morelos participó de esta gran experiencia que es el Tequila University en La Sirena. 

Y aquí nuestras recomendaciones: 

¿Te gusta el tequila? Ve, aprende de esta bebida que seguramente te ha dado grandes momentos. Conoce los inicios del tequila, sus secretos, qué debes revisar para saber que tu tequila es de calidad. Y por supuesto, presumir con tus amigos los conocimientos de este delicioso elixir de agave azul.


women saying cheers with tequila

Ahora bien, ¿no te gusta el tequila? Ve, encuentra los sabores que se esconden detrás de un buen tequila y descubre un nuevo gusto por esta bebida tan noble.

La Universidad Tequila se ubica en el techo de La Sirena, con una vista preciosa del mar caribe. El profesor es Miguel, un maestro tequilero, que vive en Cozumel y llega a Puerto exclusivamente para estas clases. Con su simpatía y conocimiento, en pocos minutos concentra la atención de todos los presentes. 

La explicación va desde la historia del tequila, las regiones, el agave y claro está las diferencias entre unos y otros. 

PS – Did we mention that it comes with a signed certificate and a Tequila University t-shirt!