Bridget Espinosa holding a glass of alcohol, enjoying an evening at a restaurant in Puerto Morelos.
Glass rimmed with tajin and filled with red jamaica margarita. Blue octopus painted on the wall in the background.
Bridget Espinosa holding a glass of alcohol, enjoying the evening at a beach club in Puerto Morelos.

¡Bienvenidos de regreso! Welcome back to the next entry in our series about tequila and mezcal where we’ll explore some of Bridget’s favorites!

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Like any spirit, personal preferences require exploration, but here are some of the favorites from one of the XPM founders, Bridget Espinosa:

When ordering a tequila neat, we recommend Don Julio 70 (setenta), Herradura Reposado or Añejo if you want an aged tequila. High-end spirits should be reserved for sipping, but you can upgrade your cocktail from the house tequila by ordering it with either Cuervo Tradicional or 1800 (mil ochocientos) – blanco or reposado depending on your preference.  

Don Julio: Don Julio is a highly regarded tequila brand, known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ask for Don Julio 70 (setenta) or a reposado for a smooth sipping tequila. Prices for Don Julio tequilas generally range from around 700 MXN for their entry-level expressions to several thousand MXN for their aged and limited-edition releases.

José Cuervo: José Cuervo offers a range of tequilas, including their Tradicional line, Reserva de la Familia, and premium offerings. Prices can range from around 200 MXN (Mexican Pesos) for their entry-level tequilas to several thousand MXN for their ultra-premium expressions.

Tequila Herradura is Bridget’s personal preference in PM:

Herradura is a renowned tequila brand that has been producing tequila since 1870 in the town of Amatitán, located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. They are known for their commitment to traditional production methods and high-quality tequilas. Some of their popular expressions include:

Herradura Blanco: This unaged tequila offers the pure, natural flavors of the blue agave. It typically has a smooth and vibrant character, with notes of citrus and pepper. The approximate cost for a bottle of Herradura Blanco ranges from 600 MXN to 800 MXN.

Herradura Reposado: Aged for 11 months in oak barrels, Herradura Reposado develops a rich and balanced profile with hints of vanilla, caramel, and oak. It is a popular choice for sipping or mixing in cocktails. The approximate cost for a bottle of Herradura Reposado ranges from 700 MXN to 900 MXN.

Herradura Añejo: Aged for at least two years, Herradura Añejo offers a complex and refined flavor profile. It exhibits flavors of toasted oak, dark chocolate, and dried fruit, with a smooth and velvety texture. The approximate cost for a bottle of Herradura Añejo ranges from 900 MXN to 1,200 MXN.


1800 Tequila is another well-known tequila brand that offers a range of expressions and is the most widely found mid-range tequila. They pride themselves on using high-quality blue agave and employing traditional distillation methods. 1800 Tequila is also produced in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Specifically, it is crafted in the town of Tequila, which is not only known for its tequila production but is also recognized as the birthplace of this iconic spirit. Some of their popular expressions include:

1800 Blanco: This unaged tequila showcases the pure agave flavors with hints of citrus and pepper. It is versatile and commonly used in cocktails such as Margaritas. The approximate cost for a bottle of 1800 Blanco ranges from 500 MXN to 700 MXN.

 1800 Reposado: Aged for around six months in oak barrels, 1800 Reposado gains a smooth and mellow character. It exhibits flavors of vanilla, caramel, and light oak, making it suitable for sipping or mixing. The approximate cost for a bottle of 1800 Reposado ranges from 600 MXN to 800 MXN.

 1800 Añejo: Aged for a minimum of 14 months in oak barrels, 1800 Añejo offers a complex and rich flavor profile. It features notes of toasted oak, vanilla, dark chocolate, and a hint of spice. The approximate cost for a bottle of 1800 Añejo ranges from 800 MXN to 1,000 MXN.

Three hands embrace shot glasses filled with golden tequila, capturing a moment of camaraderie and enjoyment against the backdrop of a sun-drenched beach.
Two margaritas on the counter at La Sirena in Puerto Morelos, served in handpainted margarita glasses featuring traditional Mexican themes.
Bartender mascerating jalapeño pepper for a jalapeño margarita at La Sirena in Puerto Morelos.


When it comes to mezcal, some of the top-selling and renowned brands in Mexico include:

300 Conejos and 400 Conejos are both mezcal brands known for their artisanal production and distinctive flavors, produced in the southern state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is renowned for its mezcal production and is considered the heartland of traditional mezcal-making techniques. Within Oaxaca, different regions and villages have their own distinct mezcal traditions and agave varieties.

300 Conejos offers a range of mezcals made from different agave species. Each expression exhibits unique flavor profiles, often characterized by smoky and earthy notes. The cost for a bottle of 300 Conejos mezcal typically ranges from 600 MXN to 800 MXN.

400 Conejos focuses on producing espadín mezcal, a popular variety of agave. Their mezcals are known for their smoothness and balanced flavors, with hints of roasted agave and herbal undertones. The approximate cost for a bottle of 400 Conejos mezcal ranges from 500 MXN to 700 MXN.

Del Maguey offers a diverse selection of artisanal mezcals from different regions of Oaxaca. Prices for Del Maguey mezcals can range from around 800 MXN for their entry-level bottles to over 2,000 MXN for their rare and specialty releases.

Mezcal Vago produces small-batch mezcals, highlighting the distinct characteristics of various agave species. Prices for Mezcal Vago mezcals generally start around 800 MXN and can go up to around 2,000 MXN.

El Jolgorio specializes in traditionally made mezcals from different agave varieties and regions. Prices for El Jolgorio mezcals typically start around 1,000 MXN and can go up to several thousand MXN for their limited-edition bottlings.

Three bottles of mezcal on the countertop at Don Mexkal
Ancho Reyes Mezcal bottle and a refreshing passion fruit drink called the "Reyes del Puerto" served at La Sirena.
A small bottle of Mezcal Sabanero and a shot glass on a tabletop with greenery in the background.

In the world of premium spirits, high-end tequila and mezcal rise above the rest, tantalizing the taste buds with their unparalleled depth of flavor and artisanal craftsmanship. From the earthy and smoky allure of mezcal to the smooth and refined elegance of tequila, these spirits embody the true essence of indulgence, making them the perfect companions for those seeking a truly extraordinary drinking experience. So raise your glass, savor the moment, and let the rich heritage and distinctive character of these exceptional spirits transport you to a world of pure sophistication and pleasure. Stay tuned for our fourth and final post in our tequila and mezcal series where we’ll share more about the flavor profile and some tasty cocktail recipies using tequila and mezcal.

Have you tried any of these brands already? What are some of your favorite brands of tequila and mezcal? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!