You can’t visit Puerto Morelos and not eat seafood. We gathered new and old outstanding restaurants to experience the flavors from the sea.

You can’t visit Puerto Morelos and not try seafood dishes. Its incredible location yields to the freshest and highest quality mussels and fish you’ll ever taste. In no specific order, here are outstanding seafood restaurants in Puerto Morelos.

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Lobster House

Restaurant Bar l $$

Experience the extraordinary flavors from the sea at this amazing restaurant bar located just north of the town center park, just steps away from the Malecón beachfront. Lobster House successfully opened in late 2020 during the pandemic and continues to surprise many locals and tourists with its incredible dishes. From warm soups to fresh ceviche, Lobster House has a dish for everyone to enjoy.

The main sitting area of Lobster House is on the top floor overlooking the central plaza of Puerto Morelos allowing for a fantastic bar atmosphere with cool breezes and an even better vibe. Moreover, the restaurant encourages everyone who has ever dined in to sign their name on the walls. This way, you will forever be part of their foundation and a piece of you will stay in Puerto Morelos.

With such outstanding characteristics, no doubt tourists say “We will be back!”

Carnes y Mariscos

Fish Market & Meat Wholesale l $

Sometimes what the body needs is a refreshing homemade meal, and what better place to get your main ingredient than Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto or #CYMDP. This seafood and meat wholesaler is located just a block north of the city center on Av. Niños Héroes Mza 6 Lote 6 Reg 2, 77580 and has been open since 2002. What started in the owner’s home fridge soon turned into a successful business. They supply most of the top restaurants in town! #shoplocal

The fish market provides fresh catches from waters near, far, and everywhere in between. You can tell from the quality of their products that seafood is their passion and their tradition, bringing you tastes from both the land and sea as they also sell an array of meats.

Wonderfully sliced filet mignon, ready-to-grill arrachera, unprocessed shrimp, and uncured pork ribs are just a few of the items they sell.

Carnes y Mariscos del Puerto is definitely the best place to shop for fresh fish to prepare at home, not to mention they also offer delivery service.

Don’t be shy about asking their experts for cooking tips or recipes!

Amor y Pez

Seafood Restaurant l $

The phrase “no risk, no reward” completely embodies the essence of this place. Luis, the owner of this gem, was brave enough to open a restaurant in the midst of the pandemic. They’ve been able to swim against the tide and have now become a must-stop in Puerto Morelos, not only to experience quality dishes but also to enjoy a good time with family and friends.

Amor y Pez is a small restaurant located in front of “Casa de la Cultura,” more specifically right in front of la Casa de Pancho, the most famous crocodile in Puerto Morelos – if you are lucky you might even get to see him while munching on shrimp empanadas.

Now, let’s talk about what you really want to know, the food. Let me start by praising their shrimp burrito, a flavorful mix of textures with a kick from each individual spice, working together to bring the essence! It is clear that each antojito is made with love and passion. What is great about this restaurant is that they cater to everyone’s wants with vegan alternatives, kids’ menus, and even Mexican breakfast options. And of course, always save room for dessert! Amor y Pez recently launched their own line of exotic ice cream flavors that will blow your mind.

Hunger is not the only pleasure Amor y Pez can satisfy. On Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays they have live music that will transform your dinner into an unforgettable night. The restaurant is designed to charm the heart with its energetic decor creating a refreshing environment while at the same time a cozy sensation. Its walls are painted with giant colorful fish that go along with the cheerfulness of the staff

Seriously, you can’t walk down Niños Héroes and not stop for a treat from Amor y Pez.


Sushi Bar l $$

Just as the Japanese cuisine was paving its way through the Mexican republic, Doragon came along with it.

Walking around downtown you will find a waiter inviting you to try Asian-inspired samples and a lovely lady by the name of Andrea, the owner of the sushi bar. Doragon brings the freshest sushi-grade seafood with their handmade sushi rolls, crispy tempura veggies perfect for sharing, fresh salads, and different types of noodles with a secret homemade sauce.

Just in: you can now pair your favorite Doragon dish with a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail.

Since this sushi bar is located on the main strip of Javier Rojo Gomez, you can’t miss it.

P.S. Doragon also now houses a brand new breakfast / boozy brunch locale, stay tuned for breakfasts in an upcoming blog!