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In Puerto Morelos you can travel to Asia with the best flavors. You can choose between Thailand or India with the certainty of tastingthe  traditional flavors and freshness of their ingredients without the fear of making a mistake.

There are two super interesting spaces in the center of our beautiful municipality that will transport you to the other side of the world. Yum Yum Wok is a stylish food truck on the main avenue where you can try the most delicious noodles and other specialties. Quality Thai food, fresh and prepared with love, where you can build your wok as you like with the flavors and traditional ingredients of Thailand such as pork and chicken. Everything lives up to its name, you will not be able to resist saying “yum yum”.

Namasté is right in front of the park, in a secret little corner, where you have to go up the stairs to feel the Indian style and atmosphere. Enjoy a privileged view of the city while savoring typical dishes and drinks, lamb as one of the main elements but with a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and vegans.

Another point in common that these two places have is the cocktail bar. Definitely, up to par with their dishes and invites you to stay a while longer appreciating the lovely landscape and incredible atmosphere.

Lastly, something is certain, although the flavors are typically Asian, the Mexican touch is added in an interesting and delicious way!

Our recommendation,

At Namasté, start with a Lassi, a yogurt-based drink with a touch of fruit, and order a typical Palak Ghost, lamb with spinach, and cheese naan. Also, let yourself be surprised by its hidden menu, you won’t regret it.

Yum Yum to share or go hungry! An appetizer of fried or pan-fried wontons and some kushipop, to warm up the engines. Accompany with a delicious pineapple margarita and as the main dish, build your wok with noodles or rice, vegetables, some meat, sauce, and all the topping that you prefer, but do not leave without trying the delicious sweet and sour chicken.

You can’t imagine how happy we are to make these gastronomic trips without moving from the Mexican Caribbean.