Koox Ich Kool is a gastronomic tour born from the desire to share the experience of gardening, harvesting food, and, above all, the respect for nature. Although it doesn’t have a literal translation, Koox Ich Kool in Mayan means “let’s go to the garden.” In this blog we’ll tell you a little about what this experience is like so that you can enjoy a special day, surrounded by nature.

After an hour’s drive along Ruta de Los Cenotes and in the direction of Leona Vicario, you will find this beautiful organic garden. There you will be received very kindly and warmly by Chef Karla Romo, who is in charge of making your visit unforgettable.

As Chef Romo explains the rich history of the garden, water made with fresh fruit from the garden will be provided. Next, Chef Romo will introduce you to the staff, and among them, is Roque; the heart and soul of the garden.

Roque grew up on the farm, and has tended to every inch of the land. When this project started, Roque was responsible for all the crops. He generated new seeds, and studied in Mérida to earn his 100% organic crop certificate!

This immense research resulted in Roque’s ability to blend the elements of the land into the dishes that are served. These dishes will be prepared throughout the tour in each corner of the orchard. It is a journey to a dimension of the senses that is not experienced every day.

Moreover, you will get to try the traditional Pib, a traditional way of cooking in the Yucatan area. Typically a well is dug in the ground where, by means of fire and rocks, it will act as an oven, the food is then taken out of the oven, and covered with banana leaves to keep warm. After nearly an hour the delicious dish “Pibil” is ready!

In addition to the 5 courses that Karla presents, Koox Ich Kool offers a relaxing time at the pool, to enjoy the day outdoors without the internet, but connected to nature, people, and above all, the unique flavors.

This is why we say Koox Ich Kool is a different gastronomic experience. It is not only because of the unique food pairing, or only using organic products, it is experiencing the garden, the harvest, and the products.

Allow yourself to experience the magic of the Quintana Roo jungle, and enjoy a day that’ll surely remain in your memory forever!

Allow yourself to enjoy the magic of the Quintana Roo jungle, delighting your senses and spending a day that will surely remain in your memory forever.